Sometimes it just seems like everything is too much. There is too much stress, too much failure, and too much pain. It can seem as though the only way to solve all of your problems is to end your life. I have known so many people, myself included, who have had to struggle through depression at some point in their lives. To these people, it can often seem as though there is no reason to live anymore and as though everything is just meaningless. However, it is the little things in life that you have to think about.

There is so much that you would miss out on if you died and so many people who would miss you. While I was in the midst of a very difficult time, I decided that it might be nice to make up a list of reasons to keep on living and it helped me out tremendously. I’ve decided to share this list so that it might help out other people who are struggling with similar issues. So here it is…

1. Because someday it will be better

2. To see the person who just makes your day

3. To make the world a better place

4. To be free

5. To be with the one you love

6. To see what happens next

7. For things that excite you

8. Your family

9. To create something amazing

10. To say that you made it

11. Hugs and kisses and love

12. To be better

13. New experiences

14. New clothes

15. Ice cream

16. Your first kiss

17. Your first house

18. Babies

19. Dancing in the rain

20. Getting married

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