When the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super, titled, “The Resurrection of the Evil Emperor, the mysterious murderer waiting!”, We know what to expect.

Things have been more complicated than ever for Goku on the threshold of the Power Tournament’s start. It is the favorite target of the warriors of the other universes and its alliances with enemies like Freezer, leave it in an even more fragile position.

According to the synopsis of Weekly Shonen Jump, in chapter 94 that is going to be released this Saturday, Trunks and Goten will have an important participation, while the android 17 is out.

Another important fact that indicates GameDots, is that it can be forging a conspiracy for a murder that would change the dynamics of the series.

As if that were not enough, Sidra will enter the scene with the worst intentions. The warrior of Universe 9 has a great grudge against Universe 7, and hearing that Freezer will become a member of that team, he plans to secure an easy victory by defeating Freezer before he can join.

Are you ready for this week’s chapter?

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