While the police were still looking for a French missing person, Xavier Thomas, 45, a body was drafted in the Thames. This brings the total toll of death to eight, including three French, the head of state said.

“We had confirmation this morning of the new report [of the 3 June attack in London]. There are three deaths and eight wounded on the French side. It is a heavy tribute that we pay in these attacks, “said Emmanuel Macron on June 7, on the steps of the Elysee.

A body was recovered in the Thames on June 6 by British police, who were looking for a missing Frenchman, Xavier Thomas, aged 45.

“The formal identification [of the recovered body] still has to take place,” said the British police, adding that they informed the relatives of Xavier Thomas.

On social networks, they had issued an appeal to find the Frenchman, who had disappeared since 3 June.

Xavier Thomas traveled to London for the weekend with his girlfriend, who was seriously injured after being hit by the three assailants’ truck during the bombing in the center of the British capital. The state of the French is stabilized, AFP said, citing his sister.

The two Frenchmen whose death had been announced were Alexandre Pigeard, 27, a waiter in one of the establishments targeted by the assailants, and Sébastien Bélanger, 36, a London-based chef.

The terrorist attack on 3 June killed a total of eight people and injured about 50 people. Source: francais.rt.com

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